Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Late Summer/ Fall Dog Shows

Other than the sled dogs, I also have a Belgian Tervuren showdog named JB.  August 26th-27th, my mom, Maga (grandma), Erika (my cousin), Sarah (4-H friend), and I went to Seattle for a dog show.  Mom judged Junior Showmanship at the Evergreen Belgian Tervuren Club's specialty on Friday, and Sweepstakes at the Terv specialty on Saturday.  Erika and her puppy Belgian Tervuren, Betsy, showed in Sweepstakes and Breed Conformation on Friday and Junior Showmanship on Saturday.  Betsy and Erika on Saturday went Best of Winners to get Betsy 4 more points towards here championship.  I showed JB in Junior Showmanship at the All Breed show on Sunday.  Out of a class of 16, I unfortunately didn't place, but Erika showed JB in her class and got third place!  This was the first time JB has ever been showed by someone other than me, and he was very good for Erika. Friday afternoon there was a fun match that I entered JB in and he got Best of Breed and a Group 4 placing, which is really exciting because I can't show him in normal conformation because he is too small for a male Terv.

The following weekend, the 2nd-4th, all of my female cousins, my aunt, my mom, and Maga went to another dog show in Cheyenne.  All 10 of us including 4 dogs had a great time.  Friday night there was a fun match where I showed JB in conformation (receiving Best of Breed and a Group 2) and Juniors (1st in my class), my cousin Sydney showed Faith in Juniors and got 2nd in her class, Bethany showed her Border Terrier, Terra, in Juniors and got 3rd in her class, and Erika showed Betsy in breed and got a 2nd in the Puppy Herding Group.  Saturday, I didn't place in my juniors class with JB, Erika placed 4th in her juniors class with Faith, and Bethany placed 3rd in her juniors class with Terra.  On Sunday, Bethany and Terra got 3rd in juniors again, and Erika and I won our classes with Faith and JB.  Then, Erika, who is in the youngest class of juniors, beat me for Best Junior Handler!  And I am in the highest age class.  Even though I loosed to my little cousin, I felt pretty good about it because it meant I was a good teacher. 

First Day of Fall Training!

Today was the first run of the fall with my team.  Yesterday, we ran the older team made up of dad's dogs and Piper and Bronson.  Both runs went very well, but all the dogs were pretty fat and out of shape.  I guess they have had too much sun bathing this summer!  With both teams we just 1 mile down our road, turned around, and came back for a total of 2 miles.  Tuesday we ran the older team:
Piper ~ Annie
Leggs ~ Chewy
Stitch ~ Newman
Bronson ~ Lilly
Eastwood ~ Maddie
Today, we ran my team, except for Otter who isn't going to run for a while because she has puppies:
Bella ~ Khufu
Super Cub ~ Alice
Emmett ~ Jasper
Cessena ~ Tut
Kaycee ~ Ra
Here are some pictures:
The Older Team

My Team
Check out some more pictures of our first runs here:
also, check out pictures of the Werewolf Litter (Quil, Embry, Paul, Leah, and Seth) and my Belgian Sheepdog puppy (CheVelle) here:

Puppies, Puppies, and MORE Puppies! Part 3: Otter

As you may have read in my last post, Otter was supposed to have her 3 puppies that Thursday-Sunday; however, Otter had other plans.  By Tuesday morning she STILL had not shown any signs of having her puppies and we and our vet decided to do a C-section that afternoon.  All puppies made it through the C-section and now, at a little over 2 weeks old, Otter and the NCIS Litter are all doing very well.  She had 2 boys: DiNozzo and McGee, and one girl: Ziva.  They are HUGE puppies and seem more like 3 week old puppies now rather than 2 week old puppies.  Now, the father of this litter is Leggs, who is dad's 11 year old Belgian Husky leader.  Leggs' mother was an Alaskan Husky, and his father is a Belgian Sheepdog (Thom, who is 13 years old and still with us).  So DiNozzo, McGee, and Ziva are 25% Belgian Sheepdog.  Here are some pictures:


DiNozzo, McGee, and Ziva

Otter and her babies