Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Even MORE Puppies!!!

Otter, my main leader, is going to have puppies sometime this Thursday-Saturday.  The father of the litter is my dad's old lead dog, Leggs.  Leggs is 1/2 Belgian Sheepdog and 1/2 Alaskan Husky, so these new pups will be what we call "Quarter Pounders" because they are 1/4 Belgian.  We took an x-ray of Otter yesterday to see how many puppies she had in her, and she has 3 BIG puppies. 

Pudgey's puppies turned 4 weeks old today and are doing well.  It is hard to tell for sure yet, but we are pretty sure at least two of her puppies will have blue eyes. 

Faith's puppies will turn 8 weeks old this Sunday.  The only boy, Squach, is now being called Bugaboo because that is what his future owner wants him to be named.  Joy it looks like will be going to a good home in Arizona, and Angel we have a possible home for but it is not a definite thing yet.  The puppy I am keeping is Tzarina, who's new name is CheVelle, after my favorite band.  We had to change her name because dad had a belgain long ago named Zarr, so the name Tzarina reminded him too much of Zarr.










Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Puppies, Puppies, and MORE Puppies! Part 2: Pudgey

On July 20th, Pudgey had 5 healthy puppies.  Pudgey is a sled dog of friend Randy Camper.  We bred Super Cub to Pudgey and the puppies will be at Randy's house till they are 10 weeks old, when they will then come home with me.  In this litter of future sled dogs, there are 3 boys (Quil, Seth, and Paul) and 2 girls (Leah and Embry).  All named after the werewolves in the Twilight books. They will be 1/2 siblings to Jasper, Emmett, Bella, and Alice (named for the vampires in the Twilight books).  They are all black and white except Paul, who is the color Super Cub was as a puppy only maybe Paul will be a little darker than his father. 

Pudgey with her puppies

All the puppies in my lap






Super Cub

Puppies, Puppies, and MORE Puppies! Part 1: Faith

Faith, mom's Belgian Sheepdog, had 4 healthy puppies on June 26th.  Three girls: Angel, Joy and Tzarina
and one boy: Squach (short for Sasquach)
The father's name is Teddy, who lives in California.  One of the girls will be my dog, and the other 3 will go to good homes.  Currently, it is between Angel and Tzarina for who will be my puppy, but they are still growing and developing their personalities.


I believe this is Angel and Tzarina, Tzarina is on top beating up her sis (that's where she got her name)

Squach, Angel, and Joy. Tzarina is off exploring like usual

All the puppies in their pen in the house