Monday, May 16, 2011

Belgian Tervuren National Specialty 2011 Report

Last week was the Terv National in Loveland, CO. JB is a terv, so I showed him in this show. On Monday and Tuesday we did agility, and he got first place in Novice Jumpers with Weaves both days.  He also received his 3rd and final qualifying JWW run, which means he has a Novice JWW title (NAJ) and can move on to Open JWW.  We also did Rally on Tuesday and competed in Advanced B and Excellent B, he qualified in both classes and received his 10th and final double-Q Rally Advanced-Excellent leg, meaning he has his RAE title, which is the highest title you can get in Rally.  On Saturday, we showed in Jr. Showmanship and received Best Junior Handler over 7 other very good Jrs. That means I am the Best Junior Handler for both the 2011 Belgian Tervuren National and 2011 Belgian Sheepdog National!  It was a very, very successful National, earning 2 titles and Best Jr. Handler.  All the Go! and Now dog food samples we brought were all given away. It was also a great National because Sandi and Aunt Peri were there too (they are the breeders who bred JB). When we left, there was still snow at our house and even a big 5ft drift, but when we returned, we were greeted to no snow except a tiny patch less than 2 feet wide.  All the dogs were happy to see me back, and the cats were too except Nate who didn't recognize me for a second.  We also got Faith back at this show. She was at her breeder's house getting bred so hopefully she is pregnant, we will know for sure in a week or so.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Helena AKC Agility Trial

Last weekend, the 30th of April and 1st of May, JB and I were entered at an agility trial in Helena, MT.  On both days, we were entered in Novice Standard Agility and Novice Jumpers with Weaves Agility.  This was basicly JB's first agility trial, 2 years ago we did a local one, but it doesn't really count since it was just to see what would happen.  Saturday, he didn't qualify in either class, but he did really good, focused, and did the whole course. In JWW that day he knocked off a bar on a jump and I accidentally sent him to the wrong jump at one time, so that is why he NQed.  In standard, he did really well and just stepped off the dogwalk because he had scraped his leg entering it. Sunday standard he was distracted about something outside the ring, so there were a few mistakes, but in JWW he got his first Q and got first place! In that JWW class, he ran the course in 19.8 seconds, and the time limit was 35 seconds!  Here is a video of that JWW run:

Belgian Sheepdog National Specialty Report

Back in the beginning of April, we went down to Southern California for the Belgian Sheepdog National Specialty dog show. The National Specialty is only for Belgian Sheepdogs and happens once a year. Since JB is a Belgian Tervuren, I couldn't show him but he did come along for the ride. I showed Faith in Junior Showmanship and Conformation.  I received Best Junior Handler with Faith, even though I was the only Jr. who made it! :) In conformation, Faith did really well, but she didn't make the final cut for Best of Breed, Best Opposite Sex, or any of the Awards of Merit and such.  I also showed a dog named Teddy in conformation. Teddy is going to be the father of Faith's litter due the beginning o July. Teddy did really well too, he made the cut from the boys to come back in to compete for Best of Breed, but he didn't receive any ribbons either. Conformation is judging the dog's conformation, and Jr. Showmanship is judging how you present the dog. All went very well and I got to spend time with family down there.  I also helped out in the Hospitality Room with my grandma and had a Petcurean Dog Food display and free samples.  Here are some pictures:
Virgin River Canyon, AZ

Virgin River Canyon, AZ

Virgin River Canyon, AZ

Belgian Sheepdog doing agility

Belgian Sheepdog doing agility


Happy- he came all the way from Norway!

Me showing Faith in Jr. Showmanship

Driving by Las Vegas