Friday, March 18, 2011

Idaho Run With Josi

On Sunday, we made it to the top of 4th of July Pass in Idaho to meet Josi Thyr, fellow jr. musher, for a 15 mile run on her trail.  She ran 12 dogs and I ran 8; Otter, Bella, Alice, Cessena, Jasper, Emmett, Kaycee, and Super Cub.  It was a beautiful, sunny, clear day and being on top of the pass, you could see out across the mountains.  The run was going very well until about 7 miles into it when my brake came off.  Now let me go back and explain a little.  The last 8 or so mile in Jr. Race to the Sky, I was having difficulty slowing the team down and something didn't feel right about the sled when I was using the brake.  After the race when I checked over my sled, I found that my brake only had about 1 mile left in it before it would come off.  The bolt that connects the brake bar to angle-iron on the runner had worn the angle-iron so that the bolt could slide out.  Dad solved this problem by putting bigger washers on the bolt.  Thankfully, Chris Adkins, a musher from Montana who ran the Iditarod last year and the RTTS 350 this year, let me borrow his sled for the Jr. Iditarod.  He had offered to do this before my sled had broken, and I thought my sled would be fine for Jr. Iditarod, so I was going to stick with my own sled for the Jr. Idit because I was familiar with it.  After trying Chris's sled out up at Alaska, I made the decision that I liked it better than mine and would use it in the race.  That sled did well with no problems.  When we came to run with Josi, I was going to use Chris's sled, but decided to use mine since it had been neglected and was heavier (which I wanted since I didn't know the trail and just wanted to take it a little slower than usual)  So, when the brake came off, I saw that the nut on the bolt had come off, so I threw what was left of the bolt in the sled an attempted to tie the brake back on.  I figured the with the way I had the brake re-attached, it would only work once so I would save that for stopping back at the truck.  We got back safe and sound, but we did go a little faster than I wanted!

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