Saturday, February 26, 2011

The race is ON!!! GO!! Jenny!

This is Cara, Jenny's Mom-  Sorry it has been so long. I hope most of you are able to follow Jenny's run on the GPS map at She looks to be doing a good run. She is just a few miles from the 1/2 way point, where she will do the required 10 hour rest.  Thanks for all the prayers and phone calls. Thanks Cara

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From the Long Road

This is Maga   (Jenny's Grandma)
Just got an E-mail from Jenny.  They are in Haynes Junction, Yukon Territory.  The going is slow because the roads are bad. Otherwise all are fine.  I would like to thank everyone who has been supporting and following Jenny this year as she follows her dream.  She is an amazing girl.  Of course grandmas always are accused of being bias but having taught high school for 37 years , I believe I can truthfully say that. I would especially like to thank the Petcurean Pet Food Company and also the rest of my family who have been so supportive.  My other Montana grandchildren , Jenny's cousins, having been taking turns caring for all the dogs that were left behind in Montana.  I am very proud of them too. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Road to Alaska

From Cara/Mom
Well so far the drive to Alaska has been fine no big problems for Rob and Jenny...exciting news is Petcurean pet food has started a contest to guess the run time for Jennys team in Jr. Iditarod go to there web site to play to support Jenny and maybe win some great dog food.  The Johnsons have been great coming over to help with chores  Maga (grandma) is staying with me feeding me and cleaning house so I don't have to...Neighbor Tom is a Blessing bringing the tractor to clear the driveway all is good just missing Jenny, Rob and the pups :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Race to The Sky Prt 2

After Jenny and the pups arrived in great shape at the white tail ranch  we left her in Gary and Spencer good care.  (the next Jr musher arrived just a few min after Jenny)  Then Penny Wyatt Ericka and I left to help Jean get the Seeley lake check point ready.  After Jenny took the required 6 hour rest she left for the run to Seeley lake...meanwhile we had been hopping taking care of cooking for all the adult mushers.  Thanks to Kenny, Cathy, and Andrew from go pet food  who drove up the trail 1 mile to where the kids were finishing  we got the call and heard that Jenny was the winner, Ayana come in apx 18 min latter  So after much Joy and then some food and sleep around noon we had the Jr.s awards program where Dr Chris Kenyon announced that the vets had voted Jenny the winner of The Best Cared For Team Award.   We spent the rest of Monday Tue  cooking for adult teams while Jenny and the pups Ate and slept and ate and slept.....Wend we cleaned up and went to the awards dinner for the adult mushers where Jenny gave funny prizes to all the adult finishers.we slept in Lincion on wend then came home Thur. All day Friday was spent packing ( I went to work) and then Jenny and Rob Left this morning sat at 9 for there drive to Alaska.  At 3:45 Montana time they called to say Canada had let them in....Ericka is here with me helping with chores...thanks to everyone I'll post more latter Keep Jenny Rob and the pups in your prayers while they travel....Cara

Race To The Sky

Hello everyone this is Cara Jenny's mom.
 I have taken over Blogging duties as jenny and her Father left this morning for Alaska.
But first a recap of Race To The Sky (RTTS).
RTTS started for Jenny on Sat with the vet check in Helena  The pups looked great and Jenny signed posters for young kids who came to see them.  After a Drivers meeting where last min trail conditions and reminders of rules and questions were asked and answered, Jenny and I left for Lincion Montana.
After arriving in Lincion we met-up with Greg and Spencer who would be Jennys "handlers" think "pit-crew" during the race.  Too short of a nights sleep and we are at the Sunday start at High Country Beef Jerky plant. Temps were warm tho a STRONG wind keep it cool for the dogs.  Adult teams started 1 hour before the Jr's.  Friends and Family working the "road crossings" in the first few miles said Jenny and the Pups looked great.  Me, Friend Jean, Aunt Penny, cousin Wyatt, and cousin Ericka, stated off to White Tail Ranch which would be Jennys first checkpoint.   Ericka found a perch on top of a 10+ foot high snow pile where she could call out when she spotted a teams headlamp coming off the pass and over the "flats".  Gary and Spencer got everything ready for Jenny and the pups  then we all settled down to wait.  Well we didn't have to wait long as Jenny came in as the 6th team!!!! That meant she passed 6 adult 12 dog teams with her 8 pups!!   More latter  I have chores to do....Mom

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pictures From The Washington Trip

Here are some pictures form our trip to Washington for the Conconully Super Mush and Cascade Quest, Jan. 20-31:
Leavenworth, WA...  Bavarian VIllage!

They mark dogs that are going to be in the race so you don't try to switch dogs 1/2 way through it, so... poor Jasper had pink eyebrows for the weekend... how embarassing ;)

Couer D' Alene, ID

This is actually from our trip to Pinedale, WY earlier this year

Paradise Valley near our training trail

Super Cub & Tut

Welcome BACK to Montana!!!

After 40 degree, rainy weather in WA, we come home to this

Northern Cascade weather

First run back at home after WA Trip  Khufu and Bella in lead followed by Jasper, Emmett, Cessena, and Neffertiti

Dad w/ the other half of the team:  Otter and Alice in lead, Tut and Super Cub next, and Kaycee and Ra in wheel

Dad's team passing snow machines

Ra & Kaycee

Jasper & Emmett

Dad's team taken from my sled

My team

Cessena & Neffertiti

Otter & Alice

Paradise Valley

            Me, Otter, and Kaycee on my bunk in the trailer
Me and one of my sponsors, Dr. Sid w/ The Balancing Act.  This is after I gave him a dog sled ride.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cascade Quest Results

The Cascade Quest is a 3 day stage race in Leavenworth, WA.  The class I competed in was the 12-dog 100 mile event.  The first day we do an out and back trail that is about 30 miles.  The second day, we go out to Trinity, a town that can only be accessed by snowmobile or dog team in the winter, and camp out there until the next morning when we head back down to the finish.  This was Alice, Kaycee, Bella, and Jasper's first camping trip ever in their life and they soon figured out how to lay down and sleep like the older dogs were doing.  It was very warm and rained on us the first stage and the second stage and camp out, but the dogs did really great.  We got second place and we were only less than 7 minutes behind the first place team.  Less than 7 minutes over 100 miles is pretty close.  But the real accomplishment was receiving the Best Cared for Team Award.  This means that the vets though that I had taken the best care of my team.  All the dogs finished the race healthy and happy and were even ready to keep going further.  I will post some pictures in a couple days.