Friday, October 29, 2010

Khufu's "Itching and Grunting Fit" Video

Khufu LOVES to have his ears and head scratched.  When I hit the right spot scratching his head, he grunts.  This is a video of one of his "Itching and Grunting Fits" that he had after today's run.  It is probably the cutest thing he has ever done! :)

The Amazing Leader: Otter

Today we ran 11 miles at Castle Rock Creek.  Our turn around spot was a campground with tons of different trails in it.  Otter took her commands amazingly! The only turns she has ever done before today were well defined turns onto another trail.  In this situation, there was no defined trail so when I told her "Gee" she would turn a little to the right.  If I told her "Gee" again she would turn even more towards the right while still going forward.  Cessena was in lead with Otter, but she pretty much just followed Otter's direction because she doesn't really know her turn commands yet.
Otter (left) and Cessena (right)
Otter ~ Cessena
Khufu ~ Bella
Alice ~ Super Cub
Neffertiti ~ Emmett
Newman ~ Jasper
Annie ~ Tut
Bronson ~ Eastwood
Kaycee ~ Ra

Thursday, October 28, 2010

B Team Run

Today we ran the B team.  This team is made up of some of dad's racing dogs and one of my dog's, Piper, who leads.  This team will be my dad's racing team and will have extra dogs to be on my team.  We ran about 5 miles at Castle Rock Creek. Note: Chewy is on the main team and only ran on this team today.
Piper ~ Annie
Maddie ~ Bailey
Chewy ~ Lori
Leggs ~ Lilly
U2 ~ Jolie
Heart ~ McQueen
Pad ~ Wayne
Crossing a bridge

Rest/water stop

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cattle Driving Sleddogs Picture

Here is a picture of a few of those cows we chased a while back.  It seems that these 3 haven't been caught up yet.

First Snowy Run

First run on snow for the 2010-11 season!!! We used the ATV because there isn't enough snow for the sleds...yet.
Neffertiti ~ Super Cub
Khufu ~ Otter
Cessena ~ Bella
Alice ~ Emmett
Jasper ~ Newman
Bronson ~ Eastwood
Tut ~ Chewy
Kaycee ~ Ra
The video starts off just after we turned around and took a water break.  We also pass a car in the video. (something common on our training trails)

Monday, October 25, 2010

First Snow!!!

First snow storm of this winter! Got about 8-10in and 3ft drifts.  Unfortunately, our training trail still only has a light dusting of snow.
Stairs to the house

Mine and Dad's footprints + Lynx's, the cat, paw prints

This is actually the very start of the snow, Alice front, Neffertiti right, Bella left.(The orange thing is a toy)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Castle Rock Creek Training

Went on a 16mi training run at Castle Rocke Creek. It is the farthest run we've had so far this training season.  The dogs did really well; a little tired at the end, but they maintained close to their normal speed.
Khufu ~ Otter
Super Cub ~ Neffertiti
Cessena ~ Jasper
Bella ~ Emmett
Alice ~ Eastwood
Tut ~ Chewy
Newman ~ Bronson
Kaycee ~ Ra
Coming down the mountain

Castle Rock Creek

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


At one of our local trails, we encountered a herd of about 30 cows.  We chased the cows down the road for about 2 miles.  The dogs had a blast!  However, they were a little disappointed to turn around and come back to the truck, leaving the cows behind.  Unfortunately, I didn't bring the camera! :( Well, now I know to bring my camera with me all the time because you never know what you'll run into!

Here was the team that day:
Neffertiti - Super Cub
Khufu - Otter
Bella - Alice
Cessena - Emmett
Chewy - Jasper
Eastwood - Tut
Annie - Newman
Kaycee - Ra

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Seeley Lake Training

My dad and I went to Seeley Lake, MT for a musher meeting and to train the team.  We ran the main team (with the exception of Piper and Bronson):
Otter - Alice
Khufu - Super Cub
Neffertiti - Bella
Emmett - Cessena
Chewy - Jasper
Eastwood - Tut
Annie - Newman
Kaycee - Ra

The dogs were very excited to run on a new trail, and we had a very successful run!  Here are some photos:
Warp speed!

Khufu and Super Cub are eager to go!
Rest stop

Monday, October 4, 2010

Dog Trailer/Truck Renovations

My dad and I insulated the trailer, reorganized the dog carriers, and built two bunks for us to sleep on in the trailer.  We also put sled racks on the truck, which was dad's genious design, and he put mudflaps on the truck too.  I also put a sticker for one of my wonderful sponsors, The Balancing Act, on the trailer.  Here are some photos:

The Trailer with Anduril Kennel's logo

My bunk (with stuff on it)
Dad's bunk (with more stuff on it)


Sled Racks with Sled

A sticker just for fun

Sponsors' logos

View from side door
My bunk is on the right and dad's is on the left

Alice lounging in a carrier