Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December Training Photos

A beautiful view only visible from a dog sled, too bad this landscape burned a couple of years ago, because it used to be even more beautiful.

Rest stop

Teaching Kaycee (middle lead) how to lead by putting 2 experienced leaders on either sid of her (Otter and Khufu)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Great Food for Great Dogs

I am so excited to be feeding Go! Endurance to my team.  This food really has made a difference.  I'm not worried about the food being rancid since it is grain free and made with high quality ingredients.  The dogs love it too.  Thank you Petcurean Pet Nutrition for sponsoring my pups!

Rodeo Run: Final Results

2 days, 40 total miles, and 2 happy 8-dog  teams later... dad received 8th place with his team and I received 6th place! Plus, I was only a little over 15 minutes behind the first place team.  This was very, very, very good for a couple of distance teams in a more sprint-like race.  It was the first race ever for Jasper, Alice, Kaycee, Emmett, and Bella, and they did great!  Alice ran lead both days on dad's team too.  They had a lot of fun.  As far as they know, they won the race.  The last day, we started out the chute sixth and ended up finishing first that day, so the dogs thought they won :) Ra was very happy too, he was playing with the gangline near the end of our run the second day.  He did this in the Red River Race last year too and just nudges it with his head and bites at it (he doesn't chew through it).
Here were the teams:

Khufu ~ Otter
Bella ~ Super Cub
Cessena ~ Tut
Kaycee ~ Ra

Alice ~ Neffertiti
Newman ~ Annie
Emmett ~ Jasper
Bronson ~ Eastwood

Results/times coming soon at

In memory of Rodeo, may he always have good trails, plenty of snow, and a team of wagging tails  

Friday, December 17, 2010

Rodeo Run: Day One

Today was the first run of two for the Rodeo Run Sled Dog Race in West Yellowstone.  Both mine and dad's teams did very well! We were in the 8-dog class and did 20 miles today, and will do the same trail again tomorrow.  Both days' times will be combined at the end.  It was about -18 degrees F when we started and the trail was smooth and packed. 
Jenny's Team
Otter ~ Khufu
Bella ~ Super Cub
Tut ~ Cessena
Kaycee ~ Ra
Time: 1:31:44

Rob's (dad's) Team
Alice ~ Neffertiti
Newman ~ Annie
Jasper ~ Emmett
Bronson ~ Eastwood
Time: 1:36:05

Thanks to my sponsors... Petcurean Pet Nutrition: Go! Endurance Dog Food,
Double Diamond Vet Hospital, The Balancing Act, Hamlin and Reis Families, Amsterdam Meats, Anduril Kennels, and my family and friends!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rainny Run

Yesterday, we did another 18 mile training run at Mill Creek.  It rained on us!  It is the middle of December, and it is rainning, not typical winter weather.  My dogs really don't like the rain, but they were totally amped.  They were so excited and ran really fast.  The only thing I can figure is that usually when we get rained on durring a run, it is durring the fall in the mud.  So, it is probably the mud they don't like, not the rain.  We've only run in the rain durring winter one other time: last year when I was training my team behind the teams that were racing in the Seeley 200 race.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dumping Poop Buckets with Jasper

When I scoop dog poo in the dog yard, I put it in big 5 gallon buckets.  When all the buckets fill up, I take them and dump it in a compost pile.  Usually I carry the buckets two at a time and walk all the way to the compost pile, but we recently got a big Otter Sled to haul the buckets.  A few of my cousins helped dump the buckets, and Jasper got to pull the sled back and forth.  HE LOVED IT!!! He got to pull a full load up the hill to the pile, and then got to pull a sled full of little girls on the way back down (which was his favorite part).  Some of us two-leggeds helped him pull the sled up the hill, but he was zooming back down with the girls ridding.   Didn't get any pictures or videos, but I will get some next time.

Friday, December 10, 2010

First Race of the Year: Rodeo Run

My first sled dog race of the year is coming up in less than a week!  I will have an 8-dog team and my dad will have an 8-dog team mostly made up of the rest of my dogs and some of his.  The Rodeo Run is in West Yellowstone, MT on Dec. 17th and 18th.  Each day we will do a 22mi course and each day's time will be combined for the over-all time.  Just a reminder, West Yellowstone was where my first pups' moms were rescued just before they were born and was their first race last year.  This year it will be the youngest pups' (Kaycee, Jasper, Bella, Alice, and Emmett) first race ever!  Wish us luck and check out the race site at  As of now, for it could change in the next couple of days, the teams are:
Jenny's Team
Bella ~ Otter
Neffertiti ~ Super Cub
Cessena ~ Khufu
Tut ~ Ra

Rob's (dad) Team
Alice ~ Annie
Emmett ~ Jasper
Newman ~ Eastwood
Bronson ~ Kaycee

Monday, December 6, 2010

December Training for the First Race of the Year

Haven't posted in a while because I've been so busy getting myself and the dogs ready for our first race.  It is in West Yellowstone, Montana.  Both my dad and I will be competing in the 8-dog, 22mi/day event.  Dad's team has some of my dogs in it.  The race is Dec. 17th and 18th.  Here are some pictures of our recent training runs:

Dad's team chasing my team and I

Trail Breaking at Castle Rock Creek: Dad went to stomp out a little turn-around loop while I stayed with the teams.  His team's leaders are by my sled and Alice decided she would rather wait on top of my sled rather than in the snow.

My team after a run: Otter and Bella in lead, Cessena and Super Cub in Swing, Ra and Tut in Team position, and Kaycee and Khufu in Wheel

Neffertiti and Khufu playing on the couch

Friday, November 26, 2010


Had a great Thanksgiving: watched the parade in the morning, ran dogs, then had turkey dinner with the family.  The dogs got turkey with their dinner too, and this morning, all the dogs and I were still a little sleepy from all the turkey.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November's Mega-Storm

We are still in the midst of the biggest storm I have ever seen in my life!  We have tons of snow, so much that we can't get to one of our trails because the roads are either closed or impossible to get through.  Solid negative temperatures and snowfall.  At least the wind hasn't gotten too horrible... yet.  The dogs are more thrilled about it than I am.  Looks like it may start clearing up by Thanksgiving, thank goodness! 

Friday, November 19, 2010

First Run on Sleds of the Season

Wednesday we ran for the first time on sleds.  We ran two teams.  They were sooooooo excited that Tut and Otter broke their harnesses just by pulling on them so hard!
Team 1:
Otter ~ Khufu
Emmett ~ Jasper
Newman ~ Tut
Kaycee ~ Ra

Team 2:
Neffertiti ~ Super Cub
Bella ~ Cessena
Alice ~ Eastwood
Annie ~ Bronson

Here are some pictures...
This is the first team

side view of the first team on the trail

second team

Friday, November 12, 2010

Paradise Valley Training

Since there is too much snow at Castle Rock Creek and the longer Mill Creek trail is a little too long, we have been training on roads in the valley.  We do a 15mi loop.  Wednesday, we saw a musher friend and his team on this trail.  Here are some pictures from our runs there on Wednesday and Friday.
Khufu ~ Otter
Nefferitit ~ Super Cub
Bella ~ Cessena
Alice ~ Eastwood
Jasper ~ Emmett
Tut ~ Chewy
Annie ~ Bronson
Kaycee ~ Ra

Bella ~ Otter
Alice ~ Khufu
Neffertiti ~ Super Cub
Emmett ~ Jasper
Newman ~ Cessena
Tut ~ Chewy
Bronson ~ Eastwood
Kaycee ~ Ra
Wed. After the run Khufu(right) and Otter(left)

Wed. On the trail towards the snow covered Mountains

Fri. Rest Stop

On the trail on Fri.

After the Run on Fri.

B Team Snowy Run

Here are some pictures from our 5 mile run at Castle Rock Creek with the B Team.  A little too much snow to use the ATV, but not enough for sleds yet.  Good thing we had the smaller team instead of the main team because even with 13 dogs, it was a little scarry on the tight turns. :)
Stitch ~ Piper
Maddie ~ Bailey
U2 ~ Jolie
Pad ~ Leggs
Lilly ~ McQueen
Heart ~ Gandalf

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thank You Hamlin Family!!!

I would like to give a big thank you to the Hamlin family for their generous donation towards my 2011 Alaska trip for Jr. Iditarod and Jr. Quest!  This family also was a big help in the rescue of some of my sled dogs and others back in 2008.

Thank You!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lynx's Offerings

One of our cats, Lynx, will bring things that she has killed to the front door for us.  The last few times she has decorated them.  Maybe we've been watching too much Iron Chef, because she would get a lot of points in her plating.
October 2010
September 2010

Museum of the Rockies Presentation

Saturday, my mom, dad, and I went to the Bozeman Museum of the Rockies to do a sled dog presentation/demonstration.  We took Jasper, Cessena, Tut, Annie, Chewy, and dad's old leader, Lori.  It went very well; however, the museum is right next to the college football stadium.  At the end of the presentation, we had the excitement of a jet fly-over and fireworks in the field next to where we were.  The kid we were babysitting for the day, Zeke, and all the dogs hit the ground.  Good thing it only lasted a few seconds!  Dad also took the team around a small loop on the grass.
From left to right: Jasper, Cessena, Tut, Lori, Annie, and Chewy

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Each of My Dogs in One Word

I did this on a sled dog talk forum a little while ago.  We were supposed to describe each of our dogs with one word.  Here are mine!

Otter ~ Queen
Khufu ~ Swagger
Neffertiti ~ Duchess

Super Cub ~ ...SQUIRREL!
Kaycee ~ Crazy
Jasper ~ Loyal (well all my dogs are this, but especially him)
Tut ~ Dork [but he is very smart, he just has his moments:)]
Bella ~ Serious
Ra ~ Humorous
Piper ~ Gentle
Emmett ~ Sweetheart
Cessena ~ Princess
Bronson ~ Bulldozer
Alice ~ Opinionated

Annie ~ Buff
Chewy ~ Witch
Newman ~ Twinkie
Eastwood ~ Wacky
Jolie ~ Impatient
JB ~ Blur

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Agility Equipment

Last night, JB helped me put away his agility equipment for the winter: 3 tunnels, 3 jumps, weave polls, and a pause table (tire with a piece of plywood)  If anybody has a dog walk, a-frame, or teeter-totter (or any other obstacles) that they are willing to part with, contact me at my website: These contact obstacles are JB's favorites.

First Run of November

On the 1st, we ran 10mi at Mill Creek.  Otter and Emmett, Otter's 16.5 month old son, ran in lead.
Emmett ~ Otter
Khufu ~ Neffertiti
Super Cub ~ Bella
Cessena ~ Alice
Newman ~ Jasper
Tut ~ Eastwood
Bronson ~ Annie
Ra ~ Kaycee
Emmett was pretty proud of himself.  This was his first 10mi run in lead.

Rest stop about 2.5 miles from the end

Petting Emmett and Otter (dad took this picture as well as the one above)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Khufu's "Itching and Grunting Fit" Video

Khufu LOVES to have his ears and head scratched.  When I hit the right spot scratching his head, he grunts.  This is a video of one of his "Itching and Grunting Fits" that he had after today's run.  It is probably the cutest thing he has ever done! :)

The Amazing Leader: Otter

Today we ran 11 miles at Castle Rock Creek.  Our turn around spot was a campground with tons of different trails in it.  Otter took her commands amazingly! The only turns she has ever done before today were well defined turns onto another trail.  In this situation, there was no defined trail so when I told her "Gee" she would turn a little to the right.  If I told her "Gee" again she would turn even more towards the right while still going forward.  Cessena was in lead with Otter, but she pretty much just followed Otter's direction because she doesn't really know her turn commands yet.
Otter (left) and Cessena (right)
Otter ~ Cessena
Khufu ~ Bella
Alice ~ Super Cub
Neffertiti ~ Emmett
Newman ~ Jasper
Annie ~ Tut
Bronson ~ Eastwood
Kaycee ~ Ra

Thursday, October 28, 2010

B Team Run

Today we ran the B team.  This team is made up of some of dad's racing dogs and one of my dog's, Piper, who leads.  This team will be my dad's racing team and will have extra dogs to be on my team.  We ran about 5 miles at Castle Rock Creek. Note: Chewy is on the main team and only ran on this team today.
Piper ~ Annie
Maddie ~ Bailey
Chewy ~ Lori
Leggs ~ Lilly
U2 ~ Jolie
Heart ~ McQueen
Pad ~ Wayne
Crossing a bridge

Rest/water stop

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cattle Driving Sleddogs Picture

Here is a picture of a few of those cows we chased a while back.  It seems that these 3 haven't been caught up yet.

First Snowy Run

First run on snow for the 2010-11 season!!! We used the ATV because there isn't enough snow for the sleds...yet.
Neffertiti ~ Super Cub
Khufu ~ Otter
Cessena ~ Bella
Alice ~ Emmett
Jasper ~ Newman
Bronson ~ Eastwood
Tut ~ Chewy
Kaycee ~ Ra
The video starts off just after we turned around and took a water break.  We also pass a car in the video. (something common on our training trails)

Monday, October 25, 2010

First Snow!!!

First snow storm of this winter! Got about 8-10in and 3ft drifts.  Unfortunately, our training trail still only has a light dusting of snow.
Stairs to the house

Mine and Dad's footprints + Lynx's, the cat, paw prints

This is actually the very start of the snow, Alice front, Neffertiti right, Bella left.(The orange thing is a toy)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Castle Rock Creek Training

Went on a 16mi training run at Castle Rocke Creek. It is the farthest run we've had so far this training season.  The dogs did really well; a little tired at the end, but they maintained close to their normal speed.
Khufu ~ Otter
Super Cub ~ Neffertiti
Cessena ~ Jasper
Bella ~ Emmett
Alice ~ Eastwood
Tut ~ Chewy
Newman ~ Bronson
Kaycee ~ Ra
Coming down the mountain

Castle Rock Creek

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


At one of our local trails, we encountered a herd of about 30 cows.  We chased the cows down the road for about 2 miles.  The dogs had a blast!  However, they were a little disappointed to turn around and come back to the truck, leaving the cows behind.  Unfortunately, I didn't bring the camera! :( Well, now I know to bring my camera with me all the time because you never know what you'll run into!

Here was the team that day:
Neffertiti - Super Cub
Khufu - Otter
Bella - Alice
Cessena - Emmett
Chewy - Jasper
Eastwood - Tut
Annie - Newman
Kaycee - Ra

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Seeley Lake Training

My dad and I went to Seeley Lake, MT for a musher meeting and to train the team.  We ran the main team (with the exception of Piper and Bronson):
Otter - Alice
Khufu - Super Cub
Neffertiti - Bella
Emmett - Cessena
Chewy - Jasper
Eastwood - Tut
Annie - Newman
Kaycee - Ra

The dogs were very excited to run on a new trail, and we had a very successful run!  Here are some photos:
Warp speed!

Khufu and Super Cub are eager to go!
Rest stop

Monday, October 4, 2010

Dog Trailer/Truck Renovations

My dad and I insulated the trailer, reorganized the dog carriers, and built two bunks for us to sleep on in the trailer.  We also put sled racks on the truck, which was dad's genious design, and he put mudflaps on the truck too.  I also put a sticker for one of my wonderful sponsors, The Balancing Act, on the trailer.  Here are some photos:

The Trailer with Anduril Kennel's logo

My bunk (with stuff on it)
Dad's bunk (with more stuff on it)


Sled Racks with Sled

A sticker just for fun

Sponsors' logos

View from side door
My bunk is on the right and dad's is on the left

Alice lounging in a carrier

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Helena Dog Show

Just got back from a 4 day dog show with my Belgian Tervuren, JB, and my mom.  Placed in my Junior Showmanship classes on Thursday and Friday, and I won Best Junior Showman on Saturday.  Got another REA(Rally Excellent-Advanced) leg on JB, that's number 9 out of 10.  Sunday he didn't qualify in the Excellent class, but took first place in the Advanced class.  Another successful dog show!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

2010-2011 training season starts!

There are 3 teams that we are training this year: my race team, dad's race team, and the older dogs that just run short, fun runs occasionally.  So far, everybody is doing great and is eager to run!
Early morning fall training-my team with Otter and Bella in lead